#TeachMeet CV

A new type of CV:

Planning your own TeachMeetOne day, #TeachMeets will be accredited CPD for all teachers. Meanwhile, whilst only 5-10% (just 100,000) of us – the teaching profession (0.9 million in England and Wales) – are known to be using Twitter professionally, you and I will be ahead of the rest!


My #TeachMeet footage:

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TeachMeet guide:

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My #TeachMeet CV to date.

1 #TMEssex – 18th November 2012 – King Edward Grammar School, Chelmsford – Attended and I presented a 2 minute talk on “The impact of #SLTchat.
2 #SLTeachMeet – 7th December 2012 – Attended after The Guardian Innovate Conference – organised and hosted with @MrLockyer at The Guardian Innovate Conference by @GuardianTeach. “I presented “The SLTeachMeet terms of reference.”
3 #TMLondon (1) – 11th December 2012 – hosted at my own school, Greig City Academy, Haringey – organised and hosted with @ICTMagic and @ShowMyHomework. I presented “The 5 Minute Lesson Plan in video.”
4 #TMLondon (2) – 27th February 2013 – at Walthamstow Academy – organised and hosted with @MrLockyer & @Kafilat_Agboola
5 4th #TMIntl – 21st April 2013 – I took part in the 4th International TeachMeet online.
6 #TMLondon (3) – 1st May 2013 – at Bridge Academy, Hackney – organised and hosted with @ActionJackson & @MsFleeDavies
7 #SLTeachMeet – 14th May 2013 – at The Russell Hotel – organised and hosted with @MrLockyer – following the Education Law Conference by @OptimusEd. My presentation on @MyEdHunt is here.
8 #TMLondon (4) – 21st June 2013 – at St. Ignatius College, Enfield – hosted and organised with @ICTMagic – footage is here.
9 #TMLondon (5) – 5th July 2013 – Heathland Hounslow, West London – hosted and organised with @SSGill76 & @MikeRGrace – footage is here, here and here.
10 #SLTeachMeet – 13th July 2013 – #BELMAS2013 conference, Edinburgh – organised and hosted with @MrLockyer
11 #HBSTM – 11th December 2013 – Hitchin Boys School, Hitchin – with DHT, @Simon_Warburton. Presentation on #5MinPlan.
12 #TMLondonBus – 12th March 2014 – Starting at DfE HQ and tour of London landmarks. Video archives here.
13 #SLTeachMeet 12th July 2014 – BELMAS Conference – with @LeadingLearner, @Simon_Warburton, @cijane02 and @ded2je – article here.
14 #TMLondon 1st April 2015 – Quintin Kynaston – with @TeacherToolkit, @ICTEvangelist, @ICTMagic, @DiLeed, @iTeachRE and @ASTSupportAAli – blog here.
15 #SLTeachMeet 12th July 2015 – BELMAS Conference – with  @TeacherToolkit, @VicGoddard; @cazzwebbo; and @ASTSupportAAli

Grassroots practice TeachMeet

Total attended: 14 (with 1 pending at this stage)

Total presentations: 7 (with 0 pending)

Total organised/hosted: 11 (with 1 more pending at this stage)

Useful reading:

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