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@SLTchat- would you like to host a session?

SLTchat started in August 2012 on an inaugural Friday evening, before moving to Sundays from 8pm – 8.30pm.

“That was a week I won’t forget in a hurry. Essentially – feel so privileged that you make this fabulous tool available to others and then trust them with managing what is one incredible contribution to development within the profession. Have to admit – on Wednesday was thinking how on earth I’d get my head around all the new bits of software & kit that was being laid out – but in the end, with investment of time and practice – it was all rather beautiful to manage.
Can’t thank you enough for your support, written as well as text messages. Absolutely the right degree of pressure/support, distance/availability. And reading through your guidance I got a stronger sense of your mission with this phenomenon. Your inclusiveness of all teachers, and drive to make the profession able to live up to its promise – absolutely spot-on.
Thanks again. And if you’re ever short of a host in the future…. ” (@AndyPhilipDay)

Mark Anderson (@ICTEvangelist) hosted @SLTchat on Sunday 30th March 2014; he wrote this blog: #MyTop5 Tips for Hosting #SLTChat


Would you like to host @SLTchat on a Sunday evening from 8pm ?

Are you currently a member of a senior leadership team in (any) school? Have you followed @SLTchat and have you already contributed to the discussions? If so, enter your details into the form below…

Click here.

And another host story:

Stephen Tierney (@LeadingLearner) hosted @SLTChat on Sunday 4th May 2014. He blogged about his preparing for his experience:

Squeaky Bum TIme with SLTchat.

Click to read @LeadingLearner's blog.

Click to read @LeadingLearner’s blog.



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